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Follow our Brown Signs from the B4000 Highworth to Shrivenham Road and Supermarine Roundabout on the A361 towards Highworth (from Swindon)


All coaches must approach from the B4000 Highworth

to Shrivenham Road





By entering our farm attraction all persons aknowledge that they are under duty to take responsible steps to ensure their own safety and that of anyone accompanying them. Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially after touching animals. We are a working farm, and therefore there may be moving vehicles and farm machinery on site. Please supervise your children at ALL times.

Travelling Times to Roves Farm

20 mins from Swindon

25 mins from Cirencester

25 mins from Abingdon

30 mins from Malmsbury

40 mins from Oxford

40 mins from Didcot

40 mins from Newbury

45 mins from Reading

45 mins from Chippenham

45 mins from Cheltenham

60 mins from Gloucester

60 mins from Bristol

60 mins from Bath

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Roves Farm,





Roves Farm's

Gloucester Old Spot Pork

Unlike most, our sausages and lamb burgers are made from the whole animal, so contain extra lean meat that is usually saved for roasting joints and chops. Our sausages are coarsely ground for succulent meaty flavour, and our lamb burgers are infused with mint for a delcious minty flavour.

Roves Farm sausages

come in two flavours; 'Traditional Plain Pork'

& 'Simply Scrumptious' 

(with sage & onion). Why not

try a 'Bloody Lovely' in

the Tearoom!

camp-sausages weaner

Our Sausages

Roves Farm pork comes from our own British rare breed Gloucester Old Spot pigs. The Gloucester Old Spot is a traditional rare breed pig producing the finest cuts of pork. We currently have 15 breeding sows and a boar, producing a total of 280 - 300 piglets each year. Born on the farm and reared mostly outdoors, they are happy, slow grown pigs reared in a stress free environment, and therefore producing succulent, flavoursome meat & delicious crackling!

The Gloucester Old Spot is a traditional rare breed pig producing the finest cuts of pork.

Most sows, breeding females, will have two litters of piglets a year, for four or five years. The gestation period for a pig is 3 months, 3 weeks, 3 days. Piglets are weaned at 8 weeks old. Weaners are fed an ad lib diet to fatten up. Gloucester Old Spot pigs are slower growing than most commercial breeds so take longer to reach their ideal weight of 70 kilos. This s slower growth helps to increase the flavour of the meat.