Our small

Feed the goats

Our goats are always hungry! Feeding sessions take place throughout the day in Pet’s Corner. Feed is provided at each session.

Guinea Pigs

Our cute guinea pigs always feature in meet the animals sessions.


Our friendly, fluffy rabbits always feature in meet the animals sessions.


Our Gloucester Old Spot piglets are born throughout the year, so you can be sure to see them with the sows in the Animal Barn. Piglets feature in meet the animals sessions when possible.


Frankie is our Hermann’s Tortoise. You can usually see her in her enclosure in the Activity Barn. In good weather she can be found in Discovery Wood, enjoying an outdoor adventure! Frankie sometimes joins in our meet the animals sessions.


You can meet our kids (baby goats) during our kidding seasons. We have Boer goats and Pygmy goats. They are all real characters and have surprisingly soft hair! Bottle feeding takes place during kidding season.

African Grey Parrots

Alfie & Bobby are our pair of African Grey Parrots. You will hear them before you see them in Pet’s Corner!  They love to imitate sounds and can often be heard copying our guinea pigs squeaks!

Giant African Land Snail

Our Giant African Land Snails are some of our more unexpected residents! They feature in meet the animals sessions when possible. You can always see them up close in their glass tank in the Activity Barn.


Meeting our lambs is always special! During our lambing seasons (Jan/Feb & Mar/Apr) you can get up close, feel their wool and even take part in bottle feeding.