Moo Station


Located within our Farm Shop, the Moo Station dispenses fresh whole or semi-skimmed milk, locally sourced from Berkeley Farm, which is only six miles away.  Just buy a re-usable glass bottle from the Farm Shop, dispense your milk and you’re all set.  Add a flavoured shot & you have a tasty milkshake to go!

Alternatively, you can bring your own plastic container or glass bottle to re-use & just pay for your milk.

If you like our Moo Station, then you may like to check out our zero-waste pantry, Roves Refills.

This is another way we are helping you to reduce & re-use plastic and cut waste.

Just re-use your own clean plastic containers, paper or cloth bags & jars and fill with our ranges of pasta, beans, pulses, nuts, oil, fruit, grains, seeds, chocolate & even sweets.

Reducing the use of unnecessary packaging, this way of shopping is sustainable, economical & easy.  By re-using your own containers, plastic use is reduced & you are buying just what you need & so reducing food waste.