We are passionate about producing good quality meat from the best animals reared to high animal welfare standards, so you can have peace of mind knowing who and where your meat has come from. Our lamb, pork and beef is all born & reared here at our family run farm. Slow grown & well hung to produce meats that are tender & full of flavour and butchered here on the farm by our experienced friendly butchers.

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Sussex Cattle are a traditional British beef breed that are renowned for producing quality meat, fine in texture, well marbled and traditional in flavour. The qualities of Sussex beef make it very popular with butchers. Docile in temperament, with a beautiful deep red coat, Sussex cattle are easy to handle and manage. They thrive on grassland and require very little extra feed, grazing our pastures during summer & fed home grown hay and silage in winter.
The Sussex cows have their calves either out in the field or in the barn depending on the time of year. They are what is known as a suckler herd, which means that, rather than taking the calves from their mums immediately like more intensively farmed meat might be, our calves stay with their mums for 9 months, spending this time drinking mum’s milk then naturally moving on to full grazing. As with all our animals, we let our cattle mature slowly to develop natural muscles. This means they produce beautifully marbled, and flavoursome meat.


Roves Farm pork comes from our own Gloucester Old Spot pigs, a traditional rare breed pig producing the finest cuts of pork. Our piggies are reared outdoors in our willows and fields where they are free to root and forage. In the summer they have big muddy wallow holes to cool off in, and in winter have their huts bedded up with lots of straw. The Sows live outside all year except when they come into our cosy barns to have their piglets. Gloucester Old Spot pigs are slower growing than most commercial breeds so take longer to reach their ideal weight of 90-100 kilos, approximately 7 months. The slower growth of our pigs and their stress-free environment helps produce more succulent, flavoursome meat & delicious crackling!


Our home produced prime lambs are born and reared on the farm to the highest welfare and environmental standards. We have two flocks, Poll Dorset ewes and Suffolk cross ewes. The ewes graze outside all year round only coming into our barns to have their lambs. Both the ewes and their lambs will be turned out to enjoy the spring grass soon after lambing. It takes anywhere between 3 months and 12 months for a lamb to reach its target weight. The early lambing Poll Dorsets supply us with new season lamb from late April. The main flock of Suffolk cross ewes provide us with a lamb supply for the rest of the year. Our lamb is always well hung for a minimum of 7 days to develop flavour and produce tender, succulent cuts.


Including venison & goat


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Extra meaty and full of flavour, our Roves Farm sausages and burgers come in a range of flavours including ‘Garlic & Herb’, ‘ Simply Scrumptious’ and ‘Traditional’.

All our sausages are free from gluten, dairy, soya & egg.