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Follow our Brown Signs from the B4000 Highworth to Shrivenham Road and Supermarine Roundabout on the A361 towards Highworth (from Swindon)


All coaches must approach from the B4000 Highworth

to Shrivenham Road





By entering our farm attraction all persons aknowledge that they are under duty to take responsible steps to ensure their own safety and that of anyone accompanying them. Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially after touching animals. We are a working farm, and therefore there may be moving vehicles and farm machinery on site. Please supervise your children at ALL times.

Travelling Times to Roves Farm

20 mins from Swindon

25 mins from Cirencester

25 mins from Abingdon

30 mins from Malmsbury

40 mins from Oxford

40 mins from Didcot

40 mins from Newbury

45 mins from Reading

45 mins from Chippenham

45 mins from Cheltenham

60 mins from Gloucester

60 mins from Bristol

60 mins from Bath

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Roves Farm,





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Unlike most, our sausages and lamb burgers are made from the whole animal, so contain extra lean meat that is usually saved for roasting joints and chops. Our lamb burgers are infused with mint for a delcious minty flavour.

Pip's Roves Farm Lamb

We have two flocks of breeding ewes at Roves Farm, LLeyn & Suffolk cross Lleyn ewes, and Poll Dorsets.

Our Poll Dorset ewes

Our Lleyn ewes

Poll Dorsets are a unique British breed of sheep in that they naturally cycle, and are able to lamb all year round. Therefore a flock of Poll Dorset ewes can give a near continuous supply of prime lamb throughout the year. Our Poll Dorsets lamb in the barn during January. They live in the barn until Easter time

The most distinctive feature of a Poll Dorset is its big pink nose and woolly head. They are a placid and friendly breed & good mothers, producing calm and contented lambs. A healthy and happy lamb will mature and grow quickly, and reach the target market weight of 40 kilos in 3 -4 months. Our Poll Dorset lambs live in the barn where they are born for several months. They are gradually weaned off of their mothers milk and onto a solid pellet food known as 'creep'. The best of the lambs will reach their ideal market weight by Easter. The rest will be weaned and put out into the field to graze the pasture and fatten over the following couple of months.

Meanwhile, the Llleyn ewes only begin to cycle as the day length decreases in Autumn. They will run with the ram for usually two cycles (17 days each cycle), and after the 147 day gestation period, will lamb in late Spring either in the barn or the field depending on weather conditions that year. If you put a ram in with the ewes on Bonfire Night, the ewes will be due to lamb from April Fools Day onward.

Pure Lleyn ewes are characterised by their white feminine faces and bright eyes. At Roves Farm we also have some Suffolk crooss Lleyn breeding ewes

Minty Lamb Burgers