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Follow our Brown Signs from the B4000 Highworth to Shrivenham Road and Supermarine Roundabout on the A361 towards Highworth (from Swindon)


All coaches must approach from the B4000 Highworth

to Shrivenham Road





By entering our farm attraction all persons aknowledge that they are under duty to take responsible steps to ensure their own safety and that of anyone accompanying them. Please wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water, especially after touching animals. We are a working farm, and therefore there may be moving vehicles and farm machinery on site. Please supervise your children at ALL times.

Travelling Times to Roves Farm

20 mins from Swindon

25 mins from Cirencester

25 mins from Abingdon

30 mins from Malmsbury

40 mins from Oxford

40 mins from Didcot

40 mins from Newbury

45 mins from Reading

45 mins from Chippenham

45 mins from Cheltenham

60 mins from Gloucester

60 mins from Bristol

60 mins from Bath

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T: 01793 763939




Roves Farm,





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George, Alexander & Louis

the Alpacas

Hetty, Jimmy, Bobby, Bob

& Kitty

the Donkeys

Highland & Sussex Cows & calves


Donald the Highland Bull

Newest arrivals....

* See the Spring lambs in the fields & meet the orphans in Pets Corner

* Chicks, Pygmy kids & more!

* Piglets of all shapes & sizes in the Animal Barn!



Meet the Roves Farm


Pets Corner

Animal Barn

The Farmyard


Animal Paddocks

Hand feed the Pygmy Goats

ducklings Piglets-Leaflet donlad

Cuddle our friendly Guinea Pigs & Rabbits

Meet our Gloucester Old Spot Sows & Piglets

Piglets of all shapes & sizes throughout the year!

Hens, Guinea Fowl & Ducks wander the yard


The Animal Racing Sheep, Goats & Pigs

lambs dorset

Poll Dorset Ewes lamb in January


Lleyn Ewes lamb in April

Spot the Pigs in the willows as you drive in!

You might spot the Sussex herd of cows, calves & Elbridge the bull on a Tractor Ride

The Poll Dorset & Suffolk cross ewes graze the fields around the farm

See these animals on the Tractor Rides

or along the lane as you drive in!