Slate Hill Charcoal 1kg


Located 5 miles from our Farmshop

Slate Hill Charcoal Co. is a family run business based in Marlborough, fundamentally set up with the next generation in mind.

Their Single Species lumpwood charcoal is UK produced from 100% British hardwoods including Adler and Ash. These trees have been felled under license as part of a woodland management plan in order to preserve and promote the biodiversity and sustainability of their woodlands. Each species brings it’s own characteristics to your barbecue.

With the farm holding BBQ’s of up to 1500 people, this is our Coal of choice.


This medium density hardwood charcoal provides a consistent strong heat, but more importantly can burn for a long time thanks to its manageability. Perfect if you are thinking about low and slow cooking, but also great for the back garden barbecue with family and friends.