Rosemary and Garlic Goat Burger – frozen


Try something a little different on the barbecue. These tasty goat burgers are a delicious alternative to your traditional beef burger flavoured with rosemary and garlic seasoning.

4 burgers – Supplied frozen

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Our goat meat comes from goats reared in our barns and paddocks here at Roves. While some are born here, the rest of our herd is bought in from a local farm 14 miles away in Charney Bassett . The goats we rear are a dairy breed called Saanen which originated in Switzerland. Goat is often considered as a healthier red meat due to it’s lower calorie, fat and cholesterol content. This lean meat benefits from slow cooking to achieve a tender result.

Goat meat, water, Gluten free rusk (rice flour, water, dextrose monohydrate, vegetable fibre, salt (contains E535 anti caking agent). E471 processing aid, caramelised sugar syrup, paprika extract. Rosemary and Garlic glaze ( sugar, dried garlic (9%) starch, salt, acids (sodium diacetate, citric acid) dried herbs ( rosemary (4.35%), parsley) Rusk ( Wheat flour, ( wheat flour, calcium carbonate, iron niacin, thiamine), Salt), Yeast extract ( yeast extract, salt) natural garlic flavouring, colour ( paprika extract).

May contain traces of soya, milk., celery, mustard, sulphur dioxide.

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