Pork Leg Joint (Boneless)

(1kg - 3kg)


  Our Pork comes from our own Gloucester Old Spot pigs born and reared right here on the farm. Except for when giving birth, where they enjoy the comfort of our cosy barns, our pigs are reared outdoors in our willows and fields where they are free to root and forage. They are slower growing than most commercial breeds and we think this, coupled with their stress-free environment, really helps to produce more succulent, flavoursome meat and delicious crackling.

Our in-house butchers are passionate about using traditional methods with a modern flair to create our customers truly special cuts and handmade products.


Our Gloucester Old Spot pork leg is an ideal roasting joint. It suits pot roasting and slow cooking to create perfect crackling.  And being boneless, it is super easy to carve.


Cooking the perfect joint.

Should you be a pro at cooking or a complete newbie, we want everyone to have the confidence to cook an amazing joint.

Use our handy guide below to work out cooking times.

Weight Initial crisp Oven time Rest Total time
1kg 30 mins 1 hour 15 mins 1 hour 45 mins
1.5kg 30 mins 1.5 hours 15 mins 2 hours 15 mins
2kg 30 mins 2 hours 15 mins 2 hours 45 mins
2. 5kg 30 mins 2.5 hours 15 mins 3 hours 15 mins
3kg 30 mins 3 hours 15 mins 3 hours 45 mins


Cooking Instructions 

  1. Preheat the oven to 220ºC, gas mark 7.
  2. Before cooking, dry the outside of the Pork with kitchen paper, brush oil and sprinkle salt very liberty over the rind.
  3. Place the meat into roasting tin or tray and cook for 30 minutes (initial crisp) then reduce the heat to 190ºC and cook for the remaining time.
  4. Remove from the oven and put in a warm place and allow to rest for 15 mins.
  5. To carve we recommend you remove the crackling then carve the joint into slices (makes getting the size slices you want easier)
  6. Enjoy



For allergens, including CEREALS containing GLUTEN, see ingredients in BOLD