Osso Bucco – Frozen


Osso Bucco, Italian for ‘bone with a hole’, is a veal shank cut with a marrow bone in the front centre. The marrow in the hole of the bone is the prized feature of this cut and is the centrepiece of the traditional Lombardy dish which shares this cuts name.

Approx. 500g / 1-3 pieces


Deliciously tender and full of flavour, our selection of welfare friendly rose veal is well reared to ensure the meat is high quality and to provide a good life to the calves.

Paler in colour and lower in fat than beef with a more subtle flavour, once cooked it’s really tender.

Our veal comes from our Roves Farm born and reared Sussex cattle, a traditional rare breed beef that is renowned for producing quality meat that is fine textured, well marbled and traditional in flavour.

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