Hop Kettle Flapjack Black Marmalade Stout 6 pack

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Based on their breakfast stout recipe flapjack black this SIBA award winning version has the addition of homemade seville orange marmalade to create the ultimate breakfast stout.


6x 330ml bottles

7.7% ABV

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Based in Swindon and nearby Cricklade, the Hop Kettle Brewing Co. was founded by Tom Gee.

With over two decades of experience in hospitality, they have the insider’s understanding of the drinks industry, and the technical knowledge required to create one-of-a-kind brews. Rather than seeing beer as an established product in an established industry, the Hop Kettle team see it as a drink with no end of potential and variety. The Hop Kettle Brewing Co. represents a means of exploring the possibilities of brewing, using a diverse range of ingredients to create beers with unique flavour profiles.

Malted Barley, Malted Wheat, Porridge Oats, Coffe, Chocolate ( MILK) Marmalade ( orange, Lemon, Sugar) Hops Yeast and Water.

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