Family Beef Box


Our Family Beef Box contains (approx 25- 30 adult portions) :
– 2 small roasting joints
– 8 x 6oz  burgers
– 1kg mince
– 4 prime steaks



Our Beef comes from our Roves Farm born and reared Sussex cattle, a traditional rare breed beef that is renowned for producing quality meat that is fine textured, well marbled and traditional in flavour. Our cattle graze our pastures during the summer and are fed our home grown hay and silage in winter. Unlike intensively farmed meat, our calves stay with their mothers for 9 months until they naturally move on to full grazing. As with all our animals, we let our cattle mature slowly to develop natural muscles, vastly improving the flavour and quality of the meat. All our beef is well-aged for at least 28 days for better flavour and tenderness.

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