Beeble – Honey Whisky & Vokda


Located 10 miles from our Farm shop 

Beeble is a honey whisky that is a sweeter, more friendly alternative to whisky with no added sugars, only pure natural honey goodness, the Vodka is a sweet taste over the classic strength of Vodka

30% ABV


Beeble was founded by a beekeeper and a bookkeeper whose aim was to prove that sustainability and business can coexist and flourish at the same time. Together, Matt and Nicola are responsible for the existence of 130 hives (8 million bees) around their home in Wiltshire, where they collect and use honey in their scrumptious Original Honey Whisky and Honey Vodka Liqueur. Nicola’s first colony of bees provided enough honey to distribute amongst friends and family, but she soon realised that it was difficult to avoid wasting residual honey that was left on the frames within the hive. To avoid this waste, Nicola and Matt soaked the frames into whisky. This turned out to be the first ever batch of Beeble Honey Whisky and they haven’t looked back since!

They developed the processes and have now added a vodka to their range.

This product is not for sale to people under the age of 18. Proof of age will be required on collection

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